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1. The flat frameless panel, from the visual to the touch, showing a soft and beautiful atmosphere
2. PC material, flame-retardant, fire-resistant, high temperature resistant and not easy to deform, safe and reliable
3. The panel is integrally formed by die-casting, the frame is reinforced, and the back net-like rib structure is designed, with high strength, no welding gaps, and no deformation when stamping
4. One-key opening, easy opening without tools, user-friendly design
5. Panel with shielded pass-through module, enjoy Gigabit high-speed network
6. The gold-plated needle core is straight through, and the surface is thickened and gold-plated to enhance the oxidation resistance and conductivity
7. The module adopts copper-plated galvanized shielding shell, which is not rusty and effective anti-interference
8. Plug and play, tool-free, easy to install
9. Panel specification: dual port
10. Scope of application: used for home, office, and data center network wiring

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