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1. Suitable for cable TV cables and monitoring cables with a wire diameter of less than 8 mm. The wire diameter is adjustable, the blade depth is adjustable, the two-knife type, and the coaxial cable is formed at one time.
2. V seat can be adjusted to the required wire diameter specification
3. Rotate clockwise for 3 to 6 turns, the quilt can be peeled off, and the core part is reserved
4. Can be used for different wire diameters, adjust the stripping depth
5. Strippable -5, -7 braided net cable, there are 2 blades inside, one of which peels off the outer sheath and foam to expose the core wire, and the other peels off the outer sheath to expose the braided net
6. The size of the cable to be stripped can be automatically controlled, with an inner hexagon wrench, which can adjust the depth of the blade
7. Operation: align the end of the cable to be stripped with the end of the stripper, turn it clockwise a few times, and then remove the cable. when stripping the -7 cable, you need to use an allen key to adjust the blade depth
8. Applicable wire diameter: within about 8mm
9. Weight: about 35g/piece
10. Size: about 9.9×3.35×2.1 cm/piece

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