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1. Dual-mode line measuring instrument: The line measuring instrument has two modes of digital and analog to choose from. Widely compatible with most line measuring instruments on the market, suitable for different line measuring environments
2. Anti-interference and anti-noise: Anti-interference performance is better than most products. When routing the cable, the sound is loud and no noise, which can help you quickly find the target network cable.
3. The network cable finishing speed is adjustable. When adjusted to the fast mode, it can save your work time compared with other stitch trackers that cannot adjust the speed.
4. Safety protection upgrade: ABS insulation probe design greatly improves product safety standards and protects you from the danger of electric shock.
5. Double-knob design: The double-knob design for efficient function switching allows you to operate the transmitter or receiver independently with both hands, which can save you time compared with other cable routing devices that require both hands.

1. Material: ABS
2. Compatible connectors: RJ11, RJ45
3. Short circuit/open circuit detection: Yes
4. Transmitting signal distance: more than 1000m
5. Altitude: less than 2000m
6. Classification: IP40
7. Transmitter battery: 1 x 9V 6F22 battery (not included)
8. Receiver battery: 1 x 9V 6F22 battery (not included)
9. Working temperature and relative humidity: 0-40 degrees Celsius, maximum 80% (non-condensing)
10. Storage temperature and relative humidity: -10-50 degrees Celsius, maximum 80% (non-condensing)
11. Transmitter size: 175 x 45 x 35mm
12. Receiver size: 120 x 48 x 34mm
13. Transmitter weight: 75g
14. Receiver weight: 67 grams

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